Over the years, I have come across numerous challenging technical situations that have surprisingly very little information after Google searching and scouring IT discussion forums. TEKinaka.com has articles that have been pieced together by my experiences and are in no way designed to be a “fix all” for every problem you might be faced with. However, after hours of banging my head on the wall, it’s worth having something documented here that I can refer back to down the road. If it helps another person in the process, then its even more worthwhile. I hope you find these entries useful, informative, or at least thought provoking enough to kick start a troubleshooting process that gets you to a solution.

Change MAC addresses to be Cisco Friendly

Ever get a really long nasty list of MAC addresses that aren't in the aaaa.bbbb.cccc format that Cisco network devices crave? Unfortunately, everyone seems to have their own idea of what a MAC address should look like. You will see on Windows systems, MAC addresses divided by dashes (00-50-56-a0-6e-db) other systems [...]

Disable “Clutter” Feature in Office365 via PowerShell

Microsoft has rammed another "feature" down our throats, as if to say: You will like using this add-on to Office365! The clutter folder appeared in Microsoft Outlook folder panes all throughout the office, and soon the phone began to ring. People were not sure what this feature is or how [...]

Configure User Passwords to Never Expire in Office365

For large enterprise environments with clearly defined security policies (and helpdesks with plenty of support staff) it makes sense to have users change their passwords every so often. However, if you work in a small office  having Office 365 force you to change your password can be annoying and disruptive, [...]

Migrate an AD User Profile to a Local User Account

This problem may present itself in different ways, in my scenario it was that a company employee was going to no longer work in our corporate office but would start working exclusively from home. This generated a number of challenges, one of which was removing their computer account from [...]

How to Disconnect a Windows Mapped Drive to an Offline Host

This isn't anything that requires a ton of technical knowledge but it is a situation that can really drive end users in a small office crazy. Take the following scenario: There is a shared folder on an other workstation or server in the office that has been mapped to another user's [...]


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